Environmental Pathogens

Consultancy & Analytical Services in Environmental Microbiology

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Tel 02 6247 0982
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Services and Tests

Tests available

  • Virology assays by cell culture to determine the presence/absence of Reoviruses, Adenoviruses and Enteroviruses including detection & enumeration of these viruses
  • Nucleic acid detection for
    • Norwalk viruses
    • Hepatitis A virus,
    • Rotaviruses group A
    • Reoviruses,
    • Adenoviruses,
    • Enteroviruses,
    • Polioviruses,
    • Caliciviruses,
    • Astroviruses,

Parasite detection in water and effluent samples, sludge, soil and sediment.

  • Detection of Taenia sp., Ascaris sp. ova , giardia cysts and cryptosporidium oocysts by microscopy
  • Detection of giardia and cryptosporidium by nucleic acid amplification, immunofluorescent microscopy, magnetic bead techniques and Flow Cytometry.

Consultancy services

Services are available in all areas of virology and environmental microbiology and include epidemiology, design of sampling regimes and risk assessment studies.

Consultants and associates:

Dr. G. Grohmann (Director and Principal Consultant),

EML, WSL, ALS, NMI Consultants

Bridges and Garrett Consultants

Consultant academic staff at the several Australian Universities.

Champion and partners (Solicitors)

Duesburys (Chartered Accountants)