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Viruses, Food and Environment

Grohmann, G and Lee . 1997. Viruses, Food and Environment. pp. 551-575. In K. A. Buckle, J. A. Davey, M. J. Eyles, A. D. Hocking, K. G. Newton and E. J. Stuttard (eds), Foodborne Microorganisms of Public Health Significance. 5th edn. AIFST (NSW) Food Microbiology Group, Sydney, NSW Australia.

Useful Websites

The new endorsed 'Guidelines for managing Risks in Recreational Waters' were released in June 2005 copies are available on the NHMRC web site http://www.nhmrc.gov.au under publications, as well as many other useful related publications.

Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment - www.waterquality.crc.org.au

Water Services Association of Australia - www.wsaa.asn.au

World Health Organization - www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/en

American Wastewater Association: http://www.awwa.org/bookstore/