Environmental Pathogens

Consultancy & Analytical Services in Environmental Microbiology

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Capability Statement

Environmental pathogens seeks to provide high quality independent advice, consultancy and analytical services in the area of environmental microbiology.

We use state-of-the-art laboratories in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and New Zealand.

We draw on a wide range of academics and businesses to achieve our goals and apply expert knowledge to particular problems.

The company has significant experience in the detection of pathogens, especially human enteric viruses and parasites, in a variety of environmental samples.

Specialised services in Environmental Virology, Parasitology & Microbiology are offered including the detection of

  • Human & animal viruses
  • Parasites: including helminthes and protozoa
  • Shellfish & oyster analysis for human pathogens
  • Bacteriophage
  • Bacterial pathogens and
  • Toxins.

as well as specialised techniques involving

  • Molecular biology and Nucleic acid amplification (PCR)
  • Human and animal cell cultures
  • Epidemiological studies & Human health
  • Virucidal studies
  • Electron microscopy

The company also offers consultancy services including risk assessment analysis and has the ability to undertake contract R & D projects.

Full chemical and routine microbiological analyses on samples can also be undertaken in association with accredited laboratories in Sydney.

Specialised Ultrafiltration units for virus & parasite detection in water and effluent samples can also be purchased.

Client List

Partial Client List over the last 24 months for virus, Helminth and/or Cryptosporidium/Giardia Testing, or consulting projects.

AEK Industries

Albright & Wilson

Albury Water



AWQC Adelaide

Australian Laboratory Services Melbourne

Australian Laboratory Services Sydney

Australian Laboratory Services Newcastle

Australian Laboratory Services Hong Kong

Australian Paper

Ballina Shire Council

Bathurst Shire Council

Bega Cheese

BHP (Newcastle)

Caboolture Shire Council

Command P/L

Canterbury City Council

Cairns Council

Connel Wagner

Department of Agriculture (Tasmania)

Department of Agriculture (NSW)

Devonport City Council

Ecowise (ACT)

Ecowise (VIC)

EML Consultants Sydney

EML Consultants Melbourne

EML Consultants Brisbane

EPA (Queensland and NSW)


Gold Coast City Council

Gosford Council

Great Lakes Council

General Water

Heaney and Co. (Solicitors NZ)

Hurstville Council

Hobart City Council

Hornsby Shire Council

HLA Scientific

Hunter Water


Jirgens Contracting

Knox College

Lane Cove Shire Council

Launceston Shire Council


Melbourne Water


Monash University

Montgomery Watson Hertz (NZ)

Midcoast Water

Minter Ellison (solicitors)


Noosa Council


NSW Dept. Health

NSW Dept. Fisheries

Orica australia

Pacific Power


Rawlinson & Associates

Riverina Municipal Council

Riverina Water Laboratories


Silliker Microtech


Sinclair Knight Mertz


Sydney Environmental & Soil Laboratory

Sydney Water

Taronga Zoo (NSW)

Tasmanian Laboratory Services

Teys Brothers

Tweed Shire Council

United Water


Unisearch (UNSW)


Walter Construction group

Westernport Water

WSL Consultants

WaterCare (Auckland NZ)

World Health Organisation (WHO)